We all know the little blue bar in VMware that tells us the progress of an action. But what does the percentages mean and what is the problem when the action fails at a certain percentage?

To make this all a little more clear, I made a list of the stages and there respectively definition.

vMotion Percentages:

9% NIC, update firmware   (Link)
10% General system   error, Network Connection/DNS/Time Sync (Link)
10% Operation timed out,   LogRotationSize to small (Link)
78% NFS, Storage path   Swap-file (Link)
82% Storage   consistentcy, Different UUID’s datastores (Link)
82% VMSafe filter (Link)
82% After applying BIOS   upgrade, VT not enabled (Link)
90% 64 bit VM, VT not   enabled (Link   Link)
90% After applying   ESX-patch, Checksumming not enabled (Link)
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Storage vMotion Percentages:

5-10% Time-out, Maximum   switchover time (Link)
18% Stuck (only vSphere   4.0), Cannot allocate memory (Link Link)
18% Stuck, Busy   thickening or thinning vDisk (Link)
18% Fail, vStorage APIs   for Array Integration (Link)
76% Maximum switchover   time, Increase memory reservation (Link)
76% CBTMotion,   Destination datastore different blocksize (Link   Link)
90% Failed to   reparent/commit disks, high storage latency (Link Link)
90-95% Time-out, Maximum   switchover time (Link)


P2V Percentages:

1% VSS, Remove multiple   VSS-providers from registry (Link)
1% Unable to start the   change tracking driver, User Account Control (Link)
2% Network issue, Set   speed/duplex auto/auto (Link)
2-96% Multiple,   IP/DNS/Hardware (Link   Link   Link)
3% DNS issue, set DNS   suffix (Link)
3-92% Reducing disk volume   size, Checkdisk (Link)
95-99% Fails at reconfiguration,   Missing files or drivers(Link)
96% Unable to find the   system volume, Windows Boot manager (Link   Link)
97% No Active   Partitions, Break software mirror (Link)
97-99% Inaccessible_boot_device,   Driver issue (Link   Link)
98% Unable to create,   3GB switch boot.ini (Link)
99% Unable to determine   guest OS, boot.ini (Link)
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