I noticed that sometimes, for no particular reason, the Deep Security Relay (DSR) or Trend Micro Update Tool (TMUT) stopped retrieving updates. When you try to update the anti-malware definitions in Trend Micro Deep Security Manager (DSM), you will see the following screen:



When looking at the logs, you see common messages like:

The Agent/Appliance reported one or more warnings or errors. Details are found in the Agent/Appliance events listed below.

Agent/Appliance Event(s):

Time: January 28, 2015 14:53:33
Level: Error
Event ID: 9109
Event: Component Update Failure
Description: Security Update Failure.

Time: January 28, 2015 14:53:33
Level: Error
Event ID: 9102
Event: Security Update Failure
Description: A failure occurred during an Security Update.

Error Code: -5

Error Message: Deep Security Relay cannot access the Update server. Check the Relay's connection to its update source or proxy server.

Time: January 28, 2015 14:53:20
Level: Info
Event ID: 9103
Event: Relay Web Server Disabled
Description: Relay web server is disabled.

The problem has something to do with corrupt caching, or in my case a long period without updating. So here is what to do:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Deep Security Relay\relay\iau and delete the files with the extention 0L*.
  2. In addition you can also empty the folder C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Deep Security Relay\relay\iau\upload
  3. Restart the service “Trend Micro Deep Security Relay”.
  4. Go to the DSM, Administration –> Updates –> Download Security Updates.
  5. Enjoy your updates.